The latest installment of the Hollywood-is-Dead series of posters is about to be unleashed- and perfect timing- as the new set is dedicated to the Summer Blockbuster.  Matt Busch, the artist behind the zombie parody posters comments, “The last set came out in February, and had a date movie / romantic theme.  There will be other themes in the future, but this one is all about the big blockbuster.”

The new series promises to highlight some new franchises, including the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Indiana Jones fans will also get to complete their Hollywood-is-Dead series when Busch delivers the final installment based on The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  ”The franchise posters are fun,” says Busch, “because you can tell a zombie transformation story over the course of the posters.  The fourth Indy poster definitely caps the story that was developed with the initial trilogy I illustrated.”

The Hollywood-is-Dead concept began in 2009, when Lucasfilm tapped Busch to illustrate Star Wars images with a zombie twist.  Illustrating the entire saga of six zombified movie posters, Busch will bring that series back full circle this summer as well.  ”In the original set of posters, I chose the images based on my personal favorites, so the poster you see for Episode 4: A New Hope was parodied from Drew Struzan’s 10th Anniversary collector poster.  But many of the fans wanted to see the original one sheet that most people associate with Star Wars.  So I’ve decided to add that to the collection, and let people choose which one they like.  Hopefully they like both!”

Other Hollywood-is-Dead movie posters you can expect to see this summer are The Sixth Sense, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and The Shawshank Redemption.  Busch plans to unveil a new poster each week, beginning this July.  Stay tuned to www.Hollywood-is-Dead.com for more!

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