We all have a curious fascination with all things morbid.  Even people who say they hate looking at images of zombies, like a train wreck they just can’t seem to take their eyes away.

But for those of us who admit to the guilty pleasure of appreciating art depicting the undead, would you actually consider hanging such atrocities in your home, or is it something you scoot under the rug?

Is zombie art (or any horror-related art, for that matter) something you collect, and are proud to display and show it off?  Or would you be embarrassed?  Really, you wouldn’t be “caught dead” showing off something that makes you smile, at the risk of some art snob thinking it’s beneath them?

This is a strange topic that I’ve observed for 15 years as a professional illustrator who dabbles in multiple genres of pop culture.

As an example, many people know me for the work I’ve done with the Star Wars universe.  I exhibit at comic book conventions and sci-fi shows all the time where I get to meet friendly people who appreciate my art.  And of the people that do, the prospect of them owning a limited edition print or even an original painting comes up.  From there, they usually break down into 3 possible categories:

1.) They would love and cherish owning and displaying the work, but they cannot afford to purchase it.

2.) They would love and cherish owning and displaying the work, they can afford it, and so they buy it.  (Happy customer, grateful artist.)

Or 3.) They can afford it, but upon thinking about it, realize they have no place where a painting of Darth Vader would fit into their existing decor.

Which brings me back to zombies- the same scenario, though probably moreso.  I’ve seen rabid fans stop in their tracks on a purchase when they realize that their Mom would have a shitfit if she saw that in the apartment.

Which is sad to me.  I say this not as an artist trying to make a sale, I say this as a self-proclaimed fanboy.  My home is loaded with art, statues, and prop replicas from such Hollywood properties as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Silence of the Lambs, The Terminator, Johnny Sakko and the Giant Robot, E.T., The Mummy, and the list goes on.  It’s enough to make an upscale interior decorator faint.

But I don’t design the look of my domicile for the approval of a pretentious interior decorator.  I design it for me.  And I love it.  I see art and knick-knacks that make me smile.  I surround myself with my world.  Wouldn’t you want to do the same?

Some might say, “Well yeah, but my significant other…  He/She won’t let me hang something like that.”  Again.  Sad.  You’re admitting to defeat?  What ever happened to happy compromise?  You display some of what you love, they display some of what they love?  And if that doesn’t work, perhaps you need to take another look at your relationship where the other is wearing the pants and not meeting you half-way.

My point is only this: whether it’s zombies, Star Wars, or SpongeBob, if you love it- revel in it.  You only live once.  Surround yourself with good people, good times, good music, and good art.  Be yourself.  If it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s life, you shouldn’t have to make a compromise.

Oh.  Ahem…

If you’re looking for some nice zombie original art, a great place to start is the ArtInsights Animation & Film Art Gallery right HERE.

Matt out.


  1. Wreckhouse Shaun:

    I totally agree. I usually fall into categories 1 and 2. If I have the money to buy it I do. If I don’t, that sucks. The wife doesn’t care either because she likes most of the stuff I like and if she doesn’t she still doesn’t care.

    The house is full posters, toys, statues, etc. Certain nicer Halloween decorations have become year-round decor as well, especially vintage stuff.

  2. eMan:

    I have a friend who got into a ‘zombie’ period of art. I bought one, hung it at my corporate job for awhile, but decided to bring it to my home office. I like it. http://mightycreativestuff.com/zombies/2009/11/30/zombie-bride/

    It all depends on the art.

  3. Leona Wisoker:

    Love it. Bought lots of it. Next up: matt, frame, and hang. :) Great meeting you at SheVA!!

  4. visit:

    I enjoy, cause I discovered exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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